Story of Yaroslav Gaydaenko. Project "Happiness for every family"

Yaroslav Gaydaenko

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsyYaroslav Gaydaenko
Olga’s pregnancy proceeded with complications. Mom was kept in the hospital several times. During labor the contractions suddenly stopped. The baby’s heart began to stop and the doctors decided to continue labor with a vacuum extractor.

Yaroslav was born on March 28, 2009. Doctors diagnosed minor neuralgia and let the baby home.

The child was growing well. Yaroslav took a rehabilitation course (massage, LFK). But at the age of 8 months after normal vaccination, a real nightmare began.

Yaroslav became weak, began to lag behind in normal development. At the age of 1.3 months, he was diagnosed with lower paraparesis, and later cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis. Parents began to actively engage him in treatments, rehabilitations in various rehabilitation centers. They tried various methods of treatment, which gave good results.

Now Yaroslav is 9 years old. He is a cheerful. Yarik walks with the help of parents, learns to count and put words together, loves to learn something new. Twice a week the boy goes to the pool, learns to dive and swim. Most of all, Yaroslav likes to swim with dolphins in dolphin therapy courses. He is constantly engaged with a speech therapist, attends Montessori classes. When there is an opportunity to take classes in hippotherapy. Yarik studies in the second grade in a regular school according to an individual program. He is very hard working and shows very good results.

Yaroslav keeps taking individual rehabilitation programs three times a year.
The most cherished dream of his parents is that in the future Yaroslav will be able to take independent steps!

The project “Happiness for every family” provides the family with pamperses, hygiene products and napkins. Project also collects funds for necessary medical treatments and rehabilitation.

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