Story of Victoria Chetvertak. Project "Happiness for every family"

Victoria Chetvertak

Victoria Chetvertak
Victoria Chetvertak

Diagnosis: congenital cerebral coronary artery disease, frontal-temporal lobe atrophy, epileptic encephalopathy.

Tatiana’s pregnancy went well, without deviation, no signal of any trouble. The birth was planned in Dnepropetrovsk city. Vika was born at 38 weeks 3100 gr on 04/22/2015. During childbirth complications began and the baby was born by squeezing and stimulation. The result is a severe form of disability in subgroup A.

Vika does not sit, does not walk, her brains don’t function as normal. By the age of three, Vika began to hold her head, so it was possible to reduce the attacks and begin the first gentle rehabilitation. Vika needs constant anticonvulsant therapy. In connection with the intestinal abnormality, the girl needs medications to maintain the bowels.

The young family has lost everything: savings, housing. The family has two girls the same age.

The project “Happiness for every family” supports the family every month, provides special food and personal care products (diapers, moisture-absorbing diapers, napkins). And also collects funds for necessary medical treatments and planned rehabilitation.

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