Start of our annual project “Road to Life”!

The Road to Life is a charity project to support graduates of orphanages and boarding schools in Ukraine.

Project participants put together bags with everything necessary and useful for graduates in their independent life: bed linen, towels, clothes, shoes, household items and other useful items.



Everyone who wants to participate in the project can apply to us and we will send a list of necessary items as well as a letter from a particular graduate, where he or she describes desires and goals in life.

Thanks to such personal participation, a connection is formed with the child whom we are helping and sincerely wishing success in his/her adult life. Many of our participants not only prepare bags, but also write letters in return with the important advices to the graduates.

Collection of the bags for graduates is carried out until May 1, 2019.

To take part in the project please call us at: +380 066 700 0177.