Maria Rossokha. Project "Happiness for every family"

Maria Rossokha

Maria Rossokha

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy.

We did not edit this story. We want to share with you the love of a mother for her daughter.

“For the past 14 years, I have been waiting for a miracle to happen when my little girl will say the word “mother”, will be able to draw a picture with her own hands or play the piano. I believe that she will make her first steps independently and will be strong and healthy so her childhood will always be joyful.

When I went to school as a child, I saw people with various disabilities and thought that this was due to the fact that their parents lead a wrong way of life, but over time, I understood and learned from my own bitter experience that no one insured.

My husband and I had and have a healthy lifestyle.
Maria was a long-awaited child. Born in 2005. At that time we were told to go to Kiev since in Brovary city there was no proper equipment for very premature babies,. Due to the loss of time, the child had a brain hypoxia. The child was born at week 31 with a weight of 1550 g, height 39 cm. The Apgar score was 5 – 5 points.

In serious condition, Maria was transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit, and then treated in the neonatal pathology unit. Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia level 5 for GMFCS, level 5 for MACS, symptomatic epilepsy. Doctors shrug their shoulders and say that in this case, medicine is powerless. But I want to see my child healthy so much! Maria’s younger brother and sister write letters to St. Nicholas (Santa) every year asking for healing of the little sister. Perhaps there are doctors from God who could help Maria to recover.

Today, she is only sitting in a wheelchair, can lean on her legs, but cannot walk without help. Maria has perfect hearing, even more, she hears me at the level of emotions, even at a distance. Sometimes it seems to me that she reads thoughts, but cannot tell about anything, because she is silent.”


The project “Happiness for every family” supports the family every month. And also collects funds for necessary medical treatments and planned rehabilitation.

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